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Caring for you at home

Tri-Borough Home Care provides the latest Long Term AIDS Home Care Program (AHCP). We take great pride in providing the community with this service.

Here are the criteria for admission to this program:

  • HIV+ & Symptomatic or AIDS Diagnosis
  • Chronic medical condition requiring nursing supervision
  • Need for maintenance rehabilitation therapy
  • Frequent hospitalizations
  • Difficulty following medication or treatment regimen
  • If psychiatric history – A psychiatric evaluation and statement indicating that patient is not a danger to him/herself or the community
  • Patient must be under medical supervision. MD must sign initial Plan of Treatment every 60 days while patient is on AHCP
  • If patient lives alone he/she must be alert and acknowledge the need for care
  • The home environment must be safe
  • Must have informal support system such as relative, friend or case manager

Care for the Uninsured

Tri-Borough Home Care has always provided care for the uninsured in our community. Now, thanks to the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP), we are able to provide home care for people who have no health insurance and no means to pay for their care. This program, funded by New York State, provides up to $30,000 per lifetime worth of home care for people with HIV/AIDS that do not have health insurance.

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